Hi! We're Emelie & Theo!

Originally, beyond working our 9-5 as mailcarriers, we had a sidehustle going door to door selling home baked pastries on the weekends. Realizing our business model was limited, we searched online for a way to broaden our business.

We're a couple from the northern part of Sweden, always dreaming of achieving something bigger than going to our 9-5 jobs every single day. For a long time, we'd been dreaming about starting our own online business but never knew how.

Our goal has always been to have more time enjoying our hobbies and passions, NOT working our butts off making someone else rich while only getting a tiny slice of the pie. That's when we found affiliate marketing!

You don't have to be an #influencer to sell products online.

And to be honest, we probably wouldn't have figured it out on our own. By saying so, we don't mean that it's complex or hard to do, simply that starting from scratch can be hard without guidance.

If you're anything like us, we really recommend you to go through the free masterclass. It gives you the insight of how to start building your own digital business as an affiliate. And once you know that, you can work for any brand. You have to work smarter, not harder!

We began researching and reading about different partnerships to find one that aligned with our personal beliefs and goals. Within the first week of discovering affiliate marketing, we had found a company we wanted to partner with.

After finding Jade and Kev, we signed up for this free masterclass about how to build your own time freedom framework.

In the class, the mentors explain how to make affiliate marketing work and how to build your own brand, especially if you're starting from scratch.

Ready to earn more money AND more freedom?