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  • How to make a time freedom framework and start earning as an affiliate.

  • The 6 most common mistakes that'll stop you from earning a single dollar in an online business.

  • The 3 most important steps towards making a passive income that'll get you your time back. You'll get all the necessary tools to build your own digital framework, even if you don't have a product of your own.

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Hi! We're Emelie & Theo!

We're a couple from the northern part of Sweden, always dreaming of achieving something bigger than going to our 9-5 jobs every single day. For a long time, we'd been dreaming about starting our own online business but never knew how.

Originally, beyond working our 9-5 as mailcarriers, we had a sidehustle going door to door selling home baked pastries on the weekends. Realizing our business model was limited, we searched online for a way to broaden our business.

Our goal has always been to have more time enjoying our hobbies and passions, NOT working our butts off making someone else rich while only getting a tiny slice of the pie. That's when we found affiliate marketing!